NYCFPAC Responds to Dishonest

Pro-Abortion Attacks on Rob Astorino

Albany, NY – Earlier today, pro-abortion activists launched a pre-emptive strike against Rob Astorino, a 2014 Republican candidate for Governor of New York. Rev. Jason J. McGuire, Executive Director of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms PAC, made the following comments:

“It is disappointing-but hardly surprising-that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s pro-abortion allies did not even wait for Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino to announce his gubernatorial bid before commencing a disinformation campaign against him. Like large supermajorities of New Yorkers, Rob Astorino has expressed discomfort with core elements of the abortion expansion agenda contained in Gov. Cuomo’s misleadingly-named Women’s Equality Act. Accusing Astorino of lacking respect for women simply because he does not support unlimited access to abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy is dishonest and unacceptable. The truth is that Rob Astorino has demonstrated a high level of respect for women, given that he opposes Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s unsafe and irresponsible proposal to allow non-physicians to perform abortions on women and girls. Clearly, NARAL Pro-Choice New York is worried that Astorino will prove to be a formidable and capable opponent for Gov. Cuomo, and that he will, if elected, stand in the way of the late-term abortion free-for-all that NARAL wishes to bring about.”

Rev. McGuire continued, “New York voters should be deeply skeptical of any rhetoric emanating from NARAL Pro-Choice New York. This is an organization whose longtime leader, Kelli Conlin, resigned from the organization and pleaded guilty to felony charges after stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is an organization that has received permission from Gov. Cuomo’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics to shield the identities of its large donors-a privilege that has not been granted to any other organization in New York-and is now returning the favor by trashing the Governor’s likely Republican opponent. This is an organization that has been (and continues to be) willing to block the remaining nine provisions of the Women’s Equality Act regarding domestic violence, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and human trafficking from becoming law unless its abortion expansion proposal is attached to them. This is an organization that exists to ensure that the abortion industry continues to rake in millions of dollars every year in New York, regardless of its grievous impact on women, girls, and unborn children. Given all of this, New York voters-whether pro-life or pro-choice-should view NARAL Pro-Choice New York as having zero credibility.”

“The bottom line is this: Rob Astorino was right in describing the abortion expansion agenda being pushed by Gov. Cuomo and by NARAL Pro-Choice New York as ‘hideous.’ No amount of disinformation from well-funded Cuomo surrogates can hide that reality.”

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