If You’d Like to Help People to People, Just “Like” the Boulders!

All throughout the month of April, the Rockland Boulders, along with Active International, will make a donation to People to People, Rockland’s largest food pantry, each time someone “likes” the Rockland Boulders’ Facebook page.

All you need to so is slide over to the Boulders’ Facebook page and hit “like” if you haven’t already done so and both the Boulders and Active will make a donation to feed Rockland County’s hungry. For every new “like,” People to People will receive $.50, half of which comes from the Boulders and half from Active. There is no limit to how much could be raised to fight hunger.

Right now, more than 30,000 people in Rockland County do not know where their next meal is coming from. The Boulders and Active think that’s too many and are standing up to fight it. Anytime someone hits “like” on the Boulders page, it generates a donation to People to People.

“We’re thrilled to have the Boulders and Active join with us this season,” said Diane Serratore, People to People’s executive director. “We can make a difference here in Rockland when we work together and the Boulders have been ready fight hunger with us since their first season. They mean a lot to all of us.”

“Each time someone hits “like” on the page, they will know it means something very tangible for hungry families,” said Joe Allen, senior vice president, Community Affairs at Active International. “It takes about $1800 to feed a family for a year so any new and interesting way funds can be raised is critically important considering there are about 1500 families going to People to People for food.”

Ken Lehner, owner of the Boulders, said, “We are glad to be joining our friends at People to People and at Active International to fight hunger here in our community. Nobody, especially a child, should have to end the day hungry and the Facebook promotion is only the first of several activities at Provident Bank Park this season that will help people who are faced with the inability to feed their families.”

Remember to “like” the Boulders’ Facebook page throughout the month and help fight hunger in Rockland.

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