To the Editor,

On Monday, May 26 I attended a Memorial Day service at the Mount Repose Cemetery in Haverstraw. There was a formal program handed out for the ceremony. On the program the guest speaker was Chris Day. Chris is a decorated veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan and he gave a very moving address memorializing soldiers he knew who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Coincidentally, he is also running for Congress, which was never mentioned in either his address, nor by any of the other speakers at the ceremony.

Near the end of the service, a “surprise” guest showed up. It was none other than the incumbent U.S. representative Nita Lowey. She gave a brief speech which was both political and self-serving and she did not even have the courtesy to stay until the service concluded. As she was not listed on the program, it was apparent she somehow got word that Chris Day was going to be the guest speaker and only showed up to cover herself politically. As a Vietnam veteran, as well as a registered Democrat, I am deeply offended at her actions and I hope the other attendees saw her actions for what they were.

Tom Carroll
Stony Point

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