Story of KFC booting pit bull victim a ‘hoax,’ local paper says

Little Victoria is a victim again, no matter how you look at it.

The story of the 3-year-old Mississippi girl being asked to leave a KFC because patrons were repulsed by her injuries from a pit bull attack opened hearts and wallets around the nation when it came to light earlier this month. But the tear-jerker tale has been branded a hoax by a local newspaper, and now Victoria, who lost an eye and endured several painful operations after the horrific attack in April, is either a victim of her own family or a growing army of doubters.

Citing an unnamed source, the Laurel Leader-Call newspaper cast doubt on the story that Victoria ever endured the shameful treatment that generated more than $135,000 in donations and the pledge of a Las Vegas plastic surgeon to offer to help the girl.


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