Local Businessman Kevin Casey Pursuing Run for Mayor of Haverstraw

IMG_20140625_155943_218A local businessman who has been through it all in North Rockland thinks he has the medicine that could improve the Village of Haverstraw and is testing the waters for a run for village mayor. Current Mayor Michael Kohut is not running for reelection this year, leaving a wide open field.

Kevin Casey, a jack of many entreprenuerial trades doing business in the Village of Haverstraw for the past two decades, has confirmed he is interested and actively petitioning for the position of mayor. He plans to run on a business friendly platform.

“I think I bring a lot more to the table. Basically I’m throwing my hat in the ring. If we don’t get something going on [economically] here in the village, they’ll drive everybody out of the village. My background speaks for itself.”

Casey’s background is multi-faceted.  He’s spent 19 years as an All State agent, 20 years in plumbing, 22 years in real estate and 17 years in private property management. In addition he’s run small businesses such as a restaurant and delis in the village.

Casey has lived in Stony Point his whole life, but having done so much business in the village is well known by many. He said he will move to the village so he fulfills residency requirements.

He said, “I feel that I have an eye on the village, I have an eye on the sidewalks. I feel I can make a difference.”

Keep your eyes peeled for this political newcomer. Let’s see what happens.

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