Cable Outlaw Jesse James convicted of tampering with fiber optics lines


A man with a curiously apt name was found guilty by a jury on Monday for going on a spree of vandalism that ended only after inflicting thousands of dollars in damage to Verizon lines.

Jesse James, 43 of Bardonia, New York, was found guilty of two counts of felony second degree criminal mischief and two counts of felony criminal tampering for deliberately cutting Verizon fiber optics lines. He faces up to seven years in prison. According to prosecutors, James used a pair of metal sheers to clip lines on Pineview Avenue in Bardonia on January 13, disrupting services and causing $10,000 in damage.

Later that night, he similarly cut lines on Joseph Lane, causing an additional $3,000 worth of damage. Though James fled the scene before police could arrive, eyewitnesses reported he was in the area of the tampered wires after the incidents. James was questioned by police later that night and arrested after a pair of wire cutters were found in his car.

James has been remanded to the Rockland County Jail and will return to court for sentencing on September 23.

Internet searches reveal and high school classmates of James confirm that his given name is Bernie Cullen.

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