Media report: Mobster arrested

Local media sources have reported that reputed mobster Daniel Pagano, 61, of Ramapo, was arrested on racketeering and conspiracy charges related to loan sharking and gambling. His alleged associate Michael Palazzolo was also arrested.

The Journal News said prosecutors indicated Pagano is a captain or “capo” in the nationwide Genovese crime family. He allegedly runs operations in the Hudson Valley, paying money made from the area to leaders of the organization.

Pagano has had numerous brushes with the law, including a 1998 tax conviction for gasoline bootlegging and another gambling and loan sharking arrest in 1990, which led to three years in state prison.

In his early days of crime, Pagano was accused of doing shady business and dealing drugs with Al Sharpton. Prosecutors accused Pagano of using a Sharpton-affiliated charity’s bank account to launder money.


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