In a changing Nyack, Turiello’s remains a treat


4048185Nestled on the corner of Broadway and Main Street in the Village of Nyack is Turiello’s, a pizza shop that after nearly half a century has become a landmark all its own.

Turiello’s has been in operation since 1967, but for most of its history, it has been owned and operated by the family of Brooklyn native Nino Loconsole, who purchased the restaurant in 1980.

Loconsole moved to Nyack in 1979 and said he immediately fell in love with the village’s charm. Though the area has become more upscale and lost some of its long-standing anchors over the years, Loconsole said it has always drawn good people.

“I saw Nyack changing, but it has always been a good place and a safe place,” Loconsole said.

Loconsole says the affection he feels toward the town has been mutual, and his support naturally bolsters the community’s appreciation for his own business. It also helps that he has seen the village grow along with his business. As pizzas continued to roll out of the oven, Loconsole has done his part to support local charitable efforts and maintain close ties to his adoptive community.

20140828_133626[1]“The community helped me, too, because for me to stay 34 years in Nyack, I must have been doing something for the community,” Loconsole said. “I have seen three generation of families from father-to-son get married in Nyack.”

Of course, the pizza has something to do with his success and longevity, as well. Loconsole argues the key to his shop’s resilience lies in his unwavering use of quality ingredients, regardless of their price. Much like his own presence in Nyack, the quality of his pizza is expected to be unchanging so eaters know what to expect.

“I did not change any of the quality of the supply,” Loconsole said.

“People come back. You must be doing something good if people keep coming back,” he added.

In his eyes, luck is only worth the effort a pizza man makes to keep his fortunes-and his pizza-constant. “You have to make the luck stay with you,” Loconsole said.

In addition to pizza, Turiello’s serves a full Italian-style menu, as well as espresso and cappuccino, and desert, including their “famous” gelato.

Visit to see their menu.

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