cube2New City Library Local History Librarian Brian Jennings announced this week that the library has formed a partnership with The Sound and Story Project to collect the history and stories of local residents.

The Cube, a multi-sided, mirrored sculpture housing a soundproof recording studio, was created by the Sound and Story Project to collect the stories of everyday people throughout the Hudson Valley. The New City Library, 220 N. Main Street, New City, will host The Cube Saturday, September 20 and Sunday, September 21 in partnership with the Library Association of Rockland County (LARC).

“We’ve always dreamed of collecting stories in our city parks, at library fairs, street festivals or farmer’s markets. This fall, our dream becomes a reality when The Cube hits the road. Because it can be constructed and dismantled in hours, we’ll be able to travel from town to town recording interviews,” Sound and Story Director Eileen McAdam said.

Librarian Brian Jennings said, “The New City Library houses an expansive local history collection. We are thrilled to be called upon to assist in the continued preservation of our history.”

Residents from all five towns in Rockland will participate. Weekend events will kick off a concentrated effort to collect and record stories from the residents of Rockland County. Recordings made during the weekend will archived and available through LARC’s digital collections on (Hudson River Valley Heritage), hosted by the Southeast New York Library Resources Council.

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