Ramapo GOP urges yes vote on Ramapo ward districting


Official Endorsement

To all residents of Ramapo,

Over the last few years, one of the biggest topics of discussion amongst residents of Ramapo has been whether the Ramapo Town Board members should be elected via an at-large system or a ward area system with councilmen representing specific districts.

Robert Romanowski and Michal Parietti have worked tirelessly to make sure that you, the people, can make this decision. The time is now at hand. On September 30 there will be a referendum vote to determine whether the Ramapo Town Board will be elected by an at-large or a ward system. Additionally, you will be asked to choose whether the Ramapo Town Board should consist of the current four or six members.

Whatever your political beliefs or leanings are, it appears to us that the ward system is the fairest system because council persons would be elected for a specific geographical area, thereby making the council persons more accountable for their area’s wants and needs.

Increasing the council size from four to six members would help to ensure that your specific area needs will be addressed. The change from four to six council members should be implemented with no additional cost to the taxpayers. If the ward referendum is successful, the boundaries will be determined at that point.

In closing, Robert Romanowski and Michael Parietti have won a long and hard legal battle to ensure that you have the right to vote and control your own destiny. Please vote on September 30 so that their efforts will not have been wasted.


Ramapo GOP executive committee, Mike Dolan, Bill Weber and Marino Fontana

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