Former Rockland legislator accused of rape


In a story that has captivated New York City tabloids, high profile lawyer and former Rockland County legislator representing Ramapo, Sanford Rubenstein, has been accused of raping a woman who is a key adviser to Rev. Al Sharpton-led National Action Network

Sanford Rubenstein, 70, is currently under investigation by the NYPD for what the 42-year-old woman has described as a sexual assault following Sharpton’s 60th birthday party and National Action Network fundraiser. Police have already executed a search of the residence where the alleged incident occurred, obtained a subpoena for phone records related to the case and seized a mattress, unspecified “biological evidence” and security footage from the night of the incident.

Rubenstein, a former Wesley Hills resident who served as a county legislator for two decades until he left to focus on his law practice in 1998, has been a significant and flamboyant figure in a number of major New York criminal and police brutality cases. After departing to assist a civil lawsuit stemming from the Abner Louima rape case, he went on to represent clients which included the families of Sean Bell and Eric Garner.

Rubenstein has maintained his innocence, saying he had consensual sexual relations with the woman.

The Daily News and New York Post have both run articles portraying Rubenstein as a sex maniac and even found reason to tie him to former Rockland DA Kenneth Gribetz, stating that he allowed Gribetz to use his old apartment for sex trysts in the 1990s.

County Legislator Ilan Schoenberger is a friend of Rubenstein and had him as a keynote speaker at one of his fundraising events during last year’s county executive campaign. He told the Journal News daily newspaper that he does not believe Rubenstein is capable of the act he is accused of.

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