To the Editor,

The biggest issue facing Rocklanders is property taxes. That is why I find it appalling that our Democratic legislators, who after presiding over a Rockland County budget deficit of $125 million and raising property taxes respectively 30 percent in 2012, 18 percent in 2013 and 9.9 percent in 2014 have so much to say about Ed Day’s current 2015 proposed budget. Where were their solutions during the past several years? While there is plenty of time for give and take before the 2015 budget finally gets adopted in December, I applaud that Ed Day has quickly realized that Rockland businesses and residents’ ATM has run dry and the county can no longer afford a playbook of increasing property taxes to balance the budget.

Ed Day’s proposed 2015 budget keeping Rockland within the 2 percent property tax cap is exactly what the 36,542 residents who voted for Ed last November gave him a mandate to do. They knew that if Rockland County wanted to get out of its fiscal hole, the only way to do so was to stop digging. They knew that Rockland County must focus on its “needs” and not “wants” if it wanted to move forward towards prosperity again. I’ve been to this rodeo before and seen what our Democratic legislators playbook has gotten us. That is why I firmly stand behind giving our new county executive a chance of crafting the 2015 budget, which keeps within the property tax cap.

We must solve the property tax issue through a playbook of smarter and responsible government and not one of increasing taxes.


Diego Aviles

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