Stephanie’s Adventures in Singledom: Calling All Cats


Recently we all have seen the video of the woman being “catcalled” hundreds of times in a span of 108 times over 10 hours. And after seeing responses from other women and men, I thought it was time for my response and take on catcalling.

Some woman actually wrote online, “ALL uninvited attention from men is threatening.” Since when? There have been MANY times when I have walked down the streets of Nyack, and guys have screamed something to me or I walked past a man and he has something pleasant to say. How is that threatening? And how is this harassment? Being catcalled is actually empowering. It especially great to hear a guy tell me, “You are very beautiful,” when I am having a bad day or a guy in my life has become a pain in the ass. It is nice to hear a man whistle at you. Isn’t it possible that men maybe really think you’re pretty and want you to know it? I mean, seriously, why are us women supposed to believe that all these men who catcall are scum, losers, and are dangerous? You know, not all men are jackasses, as the media tries to portray.

Anytime a man says anything to me, I always say hello and thank you back. I smile and politely continue my walk. What am I supposed to do when a guy shouts something from a passing car? Run after him and hold onto the bumper? What I am supposed to do when a guy on the street corner says, “Hey baby, do you have a boyfriend?” Passionately kiss him and say, “Well, now I do!” How dumb does this all sound? They are compliments, not invitations to anything more or less!

But the people who are arguing that catcalling is threatening, frightening and that it is harassment really need to shut up and sit down. Plus the ugly word, “feminism,” has once again popped up. But when I read that people actually want a law against catcalling, I nearly fell out of my chair! First off, since when is a compliment, even if it’s unsolicited, harassment? Aren’t we as a society becoming a bunch wimps, where we need a law for everything and we classify everything as bullying or harassment?

Take it from someone who has dealt with being bullied and harassed before, this is nothing to be all concerned about, ever. When someone is spreading lies to ruin your reputation and someone else threatens your life, yeah, that is something to be frightened about. But a man calling out, telling you that you are one sexy mama, that is nothing to worry about, but instead smile about.

As one guy said, “If you have a beautiful body, why can’t I say something?” While another guy said, “If a girl comes out in tight leggings, and you can see something back there… I’m saying something,”

Why do we need to make a big deal out of nothing? And as far as that video went, that woman in the video needs to check herself at the door. Her facial expressions were actually disturbing as she tried to walk with a straight face. She was rude, obnoxious, and she looked like she was getting a root canal.

Hollaback, should video me getting catcalled, because then you’d see the truth, not what they WANTED you to see. When people compliment you, they magnify your strengths, not your weakness. And if you seriously think about it, all compliments, whether shouted on the street, or said at work, the gym, or at a party are all unsolicited. So, someone tell me, what is the difference?

A woman may not believe that she’s beautiful, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like hearing you to tell her she is. No matter what all these “feminists” tell you.

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