Axelrod is Out, Who is In?

Longtime Clarkstown GOP Chairman Bob Axelrod announced he is stepping down as chairman of the town party earlier this month.

Axelrod recently won a fight with Frank Sparaco for control of the town party, which in turn helped lead to the end of Axelrod’s newfound enemy (former longtime friend) Vinny Reda’s tenure as county chairman.

Regardless of these successes, Axelrod stated it was time for him to move on. Whether his announcement is to be taken at face value or there are behind the scenes implications is unknown at this time.

Interesting, shortly before his announcement, Axelrod reinstated to the Clarkstown Committee, Councilman Frank Borelli, who he had previously help oust for disloyalty due to his supposed role in attempting to “bribe” Frank Sparaco to throw his support from GOPer Wayne Ballard to Democrat Dennis Malone in the town’s highway superintendent race.

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