RCT Exclusive: Sloatsburg molester will be removed from current neighborhood today


SLOATSBURG — Sources have told the Rockland County Times that Sloatsburg residents will not have to wait long until Level 2 sex offender Edward Bott–recently released after over 13 years in prison–leaves the Stony Brook Rd. area of the village. In fact, he is expected to be removed today [Tuesday] and placed in a holding facility as another location is found for him.

Authorities determined the living conditions of Bott’s home to be unacceptable. Bott is living with his brother, whom authorities may have determined to be incompetent and whose house is filthy and lacks basic services, the sources said.

Rockland County Sheriff’s Office and the Ramapo Police Department had been planning a meeting Wednesday, December 17 at the Municipal Building at 7 p.m. to discuss the situation and address the concerns of the residents. Bott’s original residence was¬†close to swimming facilities, a playground and a park and homes populated by many young children.

At the time of his arrest Bott was considered to be a violent sexual predator who attacked and violated an 11-year-old girl.

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