Democrats remove Leg. Joe Meyers from legislative caucus

Maverick lawmaker Joseph Meyers, not D enough according to fellow Ds
Maverick lawmaker Joseph Meyers, not D enough according to fellow Ds

Legislative Democrats have decided they would rather go forward with 10 like-minded members rather than 11 members, including one purple sheep. The new breakdown of legislative caucuses is 10 Democrats, six Republicans and one unaligned.

Incumbent legislator from Airmont, Joseph Meyers (D), received the boot from the Democratic caucus yesterday, the Rockland County Times has learned.  A maverick lawmaker often at odds with the de-facto Democratic leader of the Legislature, Ilan Schoenberger, Meyers had nonetheless managed to maintain membership in the caucus for the better part of a decade.

However, Meyers’ recent support for the county executive’s proposed budget cuts, along with his support for the campaigns of County Executive Day, Congressional nominee Chris Day and gubernatorial nominee Rob Astorino, has put local Ds past the limits of their patience.

In reality, Meyers’ power base as a politician is tied to the Preserve Ramapo movement, moreso than it is to the Democratic Party, and the boot from the caucus may have little practical effect. Republican Legislator Frank Sparaco, who has been on the outs with the Rockland GOP, may consider joining Meyers in an independent caucus, sources tell the Rockland County Times.

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