It’s Official: Streit’s Matzo is now in Rockland County


photo 1America’s oldest matzo factory closed on its new location in Orangeburg, executive vice president Alan Adler told the Rockland County Times yesterday.

“We now own 171 Route 303 and will be consolidating all operations there next year — the matzo factory that used to be in Manhattan and our warehouse and dry pack facility that is presently operating in New Jersey,” Adler said. “These include bag-and-box mixes like the matzo ball and soup mix, potato pancake mix, and most of the other side items that have been made in Moonachie (New Jersey) for years.”

Great-grandson of founder Aron Streit, he and his two cousins run the 90-year-old family business, which now waits for new equipment and moved its staff of about 20 employees to Moonachie. He anticipates the company will remain there through Passover (April 22 to 30, 2016), after which it will consolidate its warehouses, the macaroon bakery line and other operations in Orangeburg.

photo 2“Rockland has been warm and receptive to us,” Adler said. “We have strong ties to the county and look forward to having our business there.”

The building was formerly owned by an international corporation, he said. “We had to do due diligence to make sure there were no environmental issues, and the building was for what we needed it to be.” Streit’s had a contract on it for several months and now owns it.

Streit’s plans to keep the same product line and will recreate the equipment it had in Manhattan. “We have a different oven than most manufacturers. We use a convection oven,” he said. “It’s a different ratio of flour to water and involves different mixers so we should be able to recreate the exact product we had on Rivington Street,” its original location.

Adler said he’ll be in the Rockland location immediately supervising construction. The company plans to add additional employees after it relocates.

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