STONY POINT, NY…September 29, 2015 – Stony Point Councilman Tom Basile released the following statement today in response to this afternoon’s press conference by Supervisors Phillips and Gromack with regard to the proposed New Planet Energy facility in Stony Point. The proposed state-of-the-art renewable energy plant, to be located within Stony Point’s industrial zone, is currently under review by the NYS DEC. The project represents potentially the largest single commercial investment in Rockland County in more than a generation, creating hundreds of jobs and resulting in millions in revenue for Rockland, Stony Point and Haverstraw residents. Basile’s comments follow:

“What people heard today is simple misdirection. The information presented was neither independent, objective or credible. Residents heard two politicians running for reelection, proposing to waste thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to do a study that would duplicate those they have already requested from the State Department of Environmental Conservation. We should anticipate that the conclusions of any such studies conducted by Mr. Phillips and Mr. Gromack will support their existing positions on the project. The recklessness and hypocrisy of their grandstanding is staggering.

“While Mr. Philips claims to care so deeply about the environment and human health, he held his press conference on the very same landfill he fought tooth and nail to keep open in the 1990’s, despite the State’s finding it was leaching dangerous chemicals into the drinking water. Mr. Phillips also just spent two years attempting to force Rockland residents to drink Hudson River water downstream from Indian Point. While he spreads misinformation about the New Planet proposal, he’s been attempting to gain approval to build a major amusement park in the middle of a residential neighborhood that will bring 7000 cars per day into Haverstraw and Stony Point.

“For his part Mr. Gromack unfortunately appears to be attempting to deflect attention from recent revelations that he is under investigation by the U.S. Attorney for violating ethics laws. He too must think our citizens have short memories. In the late 1990’s, while the Pyramid Corporation was spreading money around Clarkstown, he had no problem supporting the massive Palisades Mall project despite considerable opposition to the mammoth facility from residents. Today, he came to North Rockland to attempt to kill hundreds of jobs and drive out millions in tax revenue for Stony Point and Haverstraw residents.

“It’s time for the theatrics, hypocrisy, misinformation and scare tactics to come to an end. It’s time for Mr. Phillips war against the families of Stony Point to end. We should allow DEC’s science and fact-based approach to evaluating this project to continue. The people of Haverstraw and Stony Point desperately need this tax revenue and need these jobs. In order for North Rockland to replace the tens of millions in tax revenue we’ve lost over the last decade, ensure our environment is protected and make our towns more affordable for our families, our elected officials must give this proposal a fair hearing.”

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