Hate-fax freaks out local officials

A hate-fax sent to local governments and newspapers including the Rockland County Times caught the attention of police and local government officials recently. The letter accused Hasidic Jews of sucking the souls out of Christians via the study of the Talmud.

The letter was sent to the Village of Wesley Hill and the Village of Pomona. Mayor Marshall Katz of Wesley Hills reported the letter to the Ramapo PD and the Anti-Defamation League.

He told a media outlet, “What really scared me about it was that it was well written with no spelling errors. Usually someone who is mentally unstable will make mistakes but I don’t see that here. This was written by someone intelligent but filled with a lot of hate.”

Lieutenant Mark Emma of Ramapo PD told Vosizneias news that he thought the letter was bonkers. Emma said, “When someone says that someone reciting the Talmud is sending signals to someone else’s head, to me that is not rational, even if it is grammatically well written.”

Rockland County Times Publisher Dylan Skriloff stated, “I simply discarded this fax upon receiving it, assuming it to be the ravings of a loony.”

Newspapers often receive bizarre letters, phone calls and even visits from crazy people, Skriloff said, recalling the time a person recently released from Rockland Psychiatric Center walked into the Rockland County Times office wearing a large sign which read “Legalize Mega-Leap Year” and proceeded to hand out index cards explaining there should be a leap year with over 1 million days in it.

Read the hate-fax that has caught police attention for yourself:

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