Town of Haverstraw Celebrating 400 Years

Garnerville – Haverstraw Supervisor Howard T. Phillips, Jr. and the Haverstraw Town Board are proud to announce that the grand opening ceremony of the 400th anniversary celebration of the founding of Haverstraw will take place at Town Hall on Monday, February 22 at 8 p.m. Several dignitaries will speak and refreshments will be served.

The Town of Haverstraw is extremely proud of its history beginning with Henry Hudson docking his Half Moon Ship in 1609 in what is now known as Haverstraw Bay, Phillips said. Haverstraw is located on the widest part of the Hudson River and was first named by the Dutch as Haverstroo. Haverstraw was also one of the locations where General Washington set up camp for his troops during the Revolutionary War.

At Town Hall, Haverstraw’s 95th Civil War Regimental flag is on display and this flag was carried at several major battles including the defining Battle of Gettysburg. The Town of Haverstraw is honored to be the home of three Medal of Honor recipients. Haverstraw is also known as the home of the bricks that built New York City.

Over the last several centuries, Haverstraw has been a gateway for new immigrants coming to America to fulfill their dreams. The Town of Haverstraw is planning a number of events for next year to commemorate this historic anniversary that include fireworks, exhibits and historical reenactments.

If you are interested in attending the opening ceremony on February 22, RSVP to Alex Guarino by Tuesday, February 16 by calling 845-429-2200 or emailing him at more information about the Quadricentennial Celebration, please visit the Town of Haverstraw webpage at

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