5 Wits West Nyack to open at Palisades Center: Live-action, “immersive” entertainment


Where else can you teleport to an abandoned starship, explore an ancient tomb, and navigate a castle inhabited by a feisty princess and a fire-breathing dragon? Only at 5 Wits West Nyack, now open at Palisades Center.

5 Wits West Nyack is cutting-edge, live-action entertainment that “immerses” participants in one of three realistic, hands-on adventures. Management says it’s an experience unlike any other, pitting groups of players against a malevolent artificial intelligence program, an angry 3,000-year-old Pharaoh, and a furious dragon. Players’ responses determine how each adventure will unfold, and their choices determine how each adventure ends.

John Pandiscio, director of Marketing & Advertising for 5 Wits, said the new venue at Palisades Center will occupy a unique niche in the Nyack entertainment scene. “It’s a completely different experience that allows you to become part of a live-action adventure,” said Pandiscio. “Computer-controlled special effects and hands-on interaction put players in the center of the action, making them feel as if they’re in a movie or video game.”

5 Wits West Nyack is a family-friendly venue for adults, college students and children ages seven and older, Pandiscio said. Three different adventures will be featured at the Palisades location:

Drago’s Castle: In this medieval-themed adventure, you’ll team up with a tough and smart princess to catch a dragon. Escape the dungeons, solve ancient riddles, and watch out for the fire-breathing dragon all while running through an ancient castle!

Deep Space: Teleport to an abandoned space ship, dodge asteroids, rewire the ship, refuel the power core, and match wits with a malevolent artificial intelligence program in time to save the world!

Tomb (coming in April): Enter a 3,000-year-old tomb to take on an angry Pharaoh. Solve ancient puzzles in hieroglyphics and match the Pharaoh at his own game. If you fail, you’ll be trapped in his burial chamber for all eternity!

“The goal of each adventure is to focus on solving the challenge in front of you,” said Pandiscio. “5 Wits West Nyack is ideal for everything from corporate team-building exercises, to birthday parties.”

The original 5 Wits was founded in Boston, MA 11 years ago. Today, there are 5 Wits venues in Foxboro, MA and Syracuse, NY.

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