Stony Point to require pass for use of town’s boat ramp


This summer Stony Point residents who use the boat launch will have to pay for a season pass to use the ramp. Supervisor Jim Monaghan announced the plan to begin charging fees at Tuesday night’s Town Board meeting.

A meeting with the Recreation Department revealed problems the launch site had towards the end of last summer. Limited parking and the small size of the ramp caused overcrowding, and many of those using the ramp were not even Stony Pointers.

Monaghan said, “That’s what happened last year. We’ve charged no fee and we had…[non-residents] who drive right past the county launch, I think they were only charging $10, and they come over to Stony Point, where we had no parking and our residents were trying to get in and use the ramp.”

To limit the amount of outside residents clogging up the area, the board decided to require boaters to have buy a pass. Stony Point residents can purchase a season pass for $35, while non-Stony Pointers will have to purchase day passes for $30 each day.

The supervisor also said they are looking for park guards. In the past it has been difficult to keep park attendants all summer long, and the supervisor encourages anyone interested and willing to work the entire summer and on weekends and holidays to get in contact with the board.

Monaghan and the board also wish to alert residents that March 1 is the last day New Yorkers may file for School Tax Relief (STAR) or veterans credit tax exemptions. Anyone unsure whether they have filed can contact the Town Assessor’s office at 845-786-2716 ext. 117 to check.

The Town Board also thanked Kathy Finnerty for her 35 years of service to the town and wished her well in retirement.

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