Police car damaged in Nyack as officers cope with emotionally disturbed youth


NYACK – As Orangetown police officers were dealing with an emotionally disturbed youth at the Nyack Plaza apartments on Saturday, someone in a group of bystanders who gathered at the complex intentionally damaged a tire on a town police car.

Police said the youth was safely brought under control and was taken for treatment at a medical facility.

Police were called to Nyack Plaza at about 2:20 p.m. on Saturday, when a violent, emotionally disturbed youth had smashed a television, ransacked his room and threatened to jump out a window. Police said town officers were able to get the youth under control, but a group of about 15 bystanders had gathered around the police officers who went to the complex.

As town officers were dealing with the situation with the troubled youth, police said someone punctured a tire on a town police car with a sharp object.

“Besides the intentional damage to the vehicle, this action had the potential to prevent the officer from responding to his next call,” police said in a statement.

Orangetown police ask that anyone who has information about the damage to the police car call them at 854-359-2121.
Originally published by Nyack Free Press

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