Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann Plans for the Town of Clarkstown’s 225th Anniversary

March 18, 2016 marks the town’s 225th anniversary


Today, Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann announces plans for a year of activities and initiatives for the 225th Anniversary of the Town of Clarkstown.  The Town of Clarkstown was established on March 18, 1791 after separating from the Town of Haverstraw.  Supervisor Hoehmann created a committee of Town officials, historians, and residents to help facilitate a year of celebrations and recognition of the special anniversary.

“The town’s 225th anniversary is the perfect opportunity to tell our story for future generations,” said Supervisor George Hoehmann.  “I am excited for this year of events and exhibits that we are planning for the residents of Clarkstown.”

At the March 22 Town Board meeting, the Town Board plans to proclaim October as Clarkstown History Month, marking the 225th anniversary.

The Anniversary Committee is creating a permanent installation in the lobby of Town Hall with a timeline and notable themes and people of Clarkstown’s history.  In addition, a local Eagle Scout will construct the display cases for the exhibit for his Eagle Scout Project.  The Committee is asking any local residents that have historic artifacts, documents, or photos they would like to lend to the exhibit to please contact the Supervisor’s office at 845-639-2050.

The Anniversary Committee is also working to build an online history section of the Town website. “We want our website to be a great asset for people to learn about our great Town,” said Supervisor Hoehmann.  “We want to highlight the many notable Presidents and people who have traveled through or lived in Clarkstown, as well as industries that thrived here over the years.”

Clarkstown will coordinate with local schools on an essay contest and an art contest related to the anniversary.  The winners, who will be announced in October, will come to Town Hall to be “Supervisor for a Day.”

“It’s imperative we include our students and children in the celebration of our anniversary to bring awareness about the Town’s rich history,” said Supervisor Hoehmann.

The town is also working with the local Chambers of Commerce and other organizations on future events to be held throughout the year.

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