North Carolina Common Sense Lawon rest room usage

To the Editor,

Recently The great State Of North Carolina enacted a common Sense Law. This law states Men with male anatomy will use the Mens room and Women with female anatomy will use the ladies room. Liberal Andy Cuomo has decided to defy Common Sense and impose a New York State boycott of doing business with North Carolina, stating that some how the North Carolina law is unconstitutional.

I find it sad that states need to even put this Common Sense in writing. Even My cat knows where to go to the bathroom. Perhaps Mr. Cuomo should use his position as Governor to help these confused individuals with their own personal Gender identity crisis, rather than disrupt everyone else in society. How are we helping these people by enabling them to further their confusion?

Finally I do believe Mr. Cuomo has much to learn from North Carolina. New Yorkers are moving south to North Carolina to enjoy property taxes that are a fraction of New York’s. As well as vacationing at the beautiful beaches of the outer banks, N.C. [OBX]. Again vacation rentals are so much lower in comparison with New York. I must remember to send Andy a post card from OBX this summer.


Dave Veraja

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