Office of Rockland County Executive Ed Day Response to Legislative Press Release: “Wieder Condemns County Executive For Anti-Semitic Overtones In Letter And Op-Ed Column”

“It’s appalling that Legislator Wieder selected one of the holiest days on the Christian calendar to distribute a press release that unjustly accuses County Executive Day of anti-Semitism. To be clear: content used in letters to State Senators John Flanagan and David Carlucci included language that was clearly attributed to Hank Greenberg, the East Ramapo School District’s state-appointed fiscal monitor. Additionally, the County Executive’s description of the East Ramapo school board as “majority Orthodox Jewish” is a mathematical fact, with five of the nine members belonging to the community. What’s also a fact is that Mr. Wieder continues to beat the drum of anti-Semitism, while ironically embracing Brooklyn’s Dov “Blackface” Hikind to help push his hatred and divisiveness in Rockland County. Legislator Wieder has hit an all-time low and the good people of our towns and villages have had enough of his toxicity.”

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