Tractor Supply Company, in partnership with National 4-H Council, has announced the launch of its 2016 Spring Paper Clover Campaign. Tractor Supply Company and Del’s Feed and Farm Supply customers will have the opportunity to purchase paper clovers between April 13 – April 24 for $1 or more during checkout. All funds raised will be used to support 4-H youth development program activities in the communities where Tractor Supply and Del’s stores are located.

“We were so thrilled by the results of last year’s Paper Clover Campaign, and with the help of our dedicated customers we hope to meet and exceed that goal this year,” said Christi Korzekwa, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Tractor Supply. “Partnering with 4-H gives us the opportunity to enhance our stores’ communities and provide support to local organizations.”

With the more than $1.8 million raised during the 2015 Spring and Fall campaigns, Tractor Supply has now raised nearly $8.3 million for 4-H programs across the country through the Paper Clover Campaigns in just over five years. This past fall, the campaign raised an astounding $893,817 during the 11-day national in-store fundraiser. The effort has provided direct support for local camps, after-school programs and other activities, and has granted scholarships to these events so that youth can explore their interests in everything from animal science to robotics.

“For many years, the fundraising event has allowed us to provide thousands of 4-H youth across the country greater access to 4-H programs,” said Jennifer Sirangelo, president and CEO, National 4-H Council. “We are thrilled about our continued partnership with Tractor Supply Company as it drives the excitement of local community participation and support for 4-H programs, and therefore the success of the 4-H Paper Clover Campaign.”

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