Grand Jury indicts Bernstein and Myzner-Gribeluk

Dr. Ira Bernstein of Montebello and his mistress Kelly Gribeluk of Suffern were formally indicted by a Grand Jury on Friday, District Attorney Thomas Zugibe announced. The jury voted to indict the lovers on charges of conspiracy in the second degree, criminal solicitation in the second degree, criminal solicitation in the fourth degree (two counts) and conspiracy in the fourth degree (two counts). Zugibe delivered the indictment to Village of Airmont Justice Court on Friday, May 6.

The charges pertain to an alleged plot by the lovers to kill Bernstein’s estranged wife, making it look like she was hit by a car accidentally, as well as another plan to beat up two insurance claim investigators who had been examining Bernstein’s business practices. On Thursday a judge refused to lower Bernstein’s bail from $600,000. Steve Lieberman reported on Friday that police have video showing that Bernstein had agreed to pay $100,000 to “disappear” the mother of his children.

The May 5, 2016 print edition of the Rockland County Times contains an exclusive look inside Bernstein and Myzner’s relationship and his shady business practices.

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