Permits discussed at Stony Point board meeting


Two residents pushed the Stony Point Town Board to take action on permitting issues  at Tuesday night’s board meeting.

Bob Bagomolny is hoping to secure space at Clark Park for the Bike4Chai charity biking event for sick kids to make one of its several pit stops. Clark Park is at exactly the 60-mile mark of the race, which starts in Stamford, CT.

So far the town has rejected his requested use of the park, which would see over 400 bikes and 500 total people make use of the spot over the course of several hours. Both last year and the year before the park suffered issues with overflow of garbage, eroding the town’s willingness to cater to the event.

Bagomolny apologized profusely for the prior mistakes and laid out plans for an on site garbage truck to address the problem to make sure it does not happen again, but board members remained skeptical. If Bagomolny does not secure Clark Park for a pit stop, he said he will have to change the route dramatically.

Board members were more receptive to the prodding of a resident who challenged the wording of the town’s film commission rules, which make it cost $3,100 to do a TV shoot on private property.  The man wants to open up a sound stage on private property and said $500 would be a reasonable 24-hour cost for doing such business.

The board agreed that the $3,100 fee was only intended to be the cost for filming on town property and said lawyers were looking at how to rectify the situation, hopefully in time for the next board meeting in two weeks.

Several events were promoted by board and audience members including the Stony Point PAL Color Fun Run, coming up on May 22, a concert at Pyngyp Schoolhouse, June 45-8 p.m., and the Gran Fondo race this Sunday, which will close some roads in Rockland County.

Supervisor Jim Monaghan, who is a retired police officer, led the board in announcing their appreciation of the town’s police officers during this National Police Week, May 15 – 21.  Speaking of police, Chief Brian Moore announced the monthly statistics for the town’s PD. The police received 784 calls, responded to 18 traffic accidents, made 35 arrests and issued 147 traffic violations.

The town closed the meeting in honor of the recently deceased native son of Doodletown James T. Hurley.

Councilman Tom Basile

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