Clark Road Pervert Strikes Again in Stony Point

NIGHTMARE ON CLARK ROAD: Mad Flasher strikes again
NIGHTMARE ON CLARK ROAD: Mad Flasher strikes again

Frank Chillino, 66, of 15 Clark Road in Stony Point, continued his long run of lewd behavior and other petty harassment of neighbors, getting arrested on Monday, Memorial Day, May 30 for taking a relaxing walk around his front yard completely in the nude.

Responding Stony Point PD officers said they saw the defendant walking around the outside area of his residence with his genitals exposed. Chillino was arrested for public lewdness, processed and released on appearance ticket returnable June 21.

This is at least the fourth time Chillino has been arrested on similar charges since 2010, earning himself the monicker “The Mad Flasher of Stony Point.” In June and November 2015 his most recent arrests for public lewdness occurred.

Neighbors have insisted his behavior is nothing to laugh at, describing him as mentally disturbed and increasingly erratic. Next-door neighbor Michele Squibb said she used to consider Chillino an eccentric but unthreatening neighbor, however, in recent years she has grown to fear him.

Following her husband’s passing in 2015, Chillino specifically had begun to act in a threatening and lewd manner toward Squibb, she told the Rockland County Times following Chillino’s 2015 arrest. Other neighbors said Chillino has been known to show up uninvited in their backyards snapping photos of their house.

He also was once known in the neighborhood for running strobe lights in his attic all through the night, as if hosting a disco party. Several neighbors have expressed the wish that Chillino’s family finds institutional residence for him before he hurts somebody or does something worse than merely expose himself and bother neighbors.

One neighbor told the Rockland County Times when Chillino was arrested in June, “I grew up living next to Mr. Chillino, and it has always been clear he may have struggled with mental illness. I am not saying that should be used as an excuse for his actions, but I am using it to point out that if that is causing his behavior, it is nothing to be made light of…Mr. Chillino is not only a menace to the people on Clark Road, but he has also been asked  to permanently stay away from businesses in North Rockland due to harassing customers…I’m sure after his recent arrest Mr. Chillino will behave himself for a little while, but I assure you, it will only be a matter of time before the nudity returns.”

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