Picture 2 Picture 3-2 Picture 4-2It was the beginning of a heartwarming rescue mission when a local landscaper on Fleetwood Ave in Chestnut Ridge heard a baby deer crying Tuesday morning.

After following the cries the landscaper located the deer standing in the bottom of a nearby storm drain. He called Ramapo PD for assistance, who responded along with workers from the Town of Ramapo Highway Department.

Before the workers could rescue the creature, however, the fawn ran down the storm drain tunnel further!

Fortunately, Highway Dept. workers were able to flush a small amount of water through the tunnel from the next storm drain, which caused the fawn to walk towards the awaiting worker. The fawn was passed to an awaiting officer and released in a nearby wooded area.

The best news of all: Officers said they observed the fawn reunite with its mother in the adjacent woods.

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