Local Residents Recommended For Rent Guidelines Board


The Rockland County Legislature has recommended that four local residents be appointed by the state to the Rent Guidelines Board, a move that would result in a fully constituted board for the first time in several years.

The Rockland County Rent Guidelines Board sets maximum allowable rates for rent increases in rent-stabilized apartments in the Town of Haverstraw and the Village of Spring Valley. Both municipalities have adopted the Emergency Tenant Protection Act, the law that allows rates for rent increases to be set.

State law requires the County Legislature to recommend appointments or re-appointments to the commissioner of the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal, who has the authority to appoint members of the Rent Guidelines Board.

The Rent Guidelines Board has nine total members: two who represent tenants, two who represent property owners/landlords, and five public members, each of whom must have at least five years’ experience in either finance, economics or housing. Four seats are currently vacant.

The County Legislature voted 17-0 on May 17 to recommend the following four people for appointment: Rabbi Hersh Horowitz, Landlord Representative; Jain Jacob, CPA, Public Representative; Alejandra Silva, Tenant Representative; and Corey Turner, Landlord Representative.

The recommendations have now been forwarded to the Commissioner of the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal.

“Each of these individuals has a unique background that makes them a good choice for appointment to this important board,” Legislative Chairman Alden H. Wolfe said. “They have demonstrated their commitment to our county and its residents and will continue to do so by sharing their expertise.”

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