NEWS 12: Code violations found at 15 re-inspected schools


RAMAPO – A Freedom of Information request by News 12 has revealed that at least 15 Rockland County schools that were re-inspected for safety issues were found riddled with code violations within the past two months.

The private schools had initially been given a clean safety record by former Ramapo fire inspector Adam Peltz.

At Bais Yakov in Monsey, an inspector listed 45 violations, ranging from broken exit doors to expired extinguishers. The yeshiva Bais Mikeoh was reportedly found with illegal deadbolts and missing carbon monoxide detectors. A yeshiva owned by Congregation Ateres Yisroel was shut down by the town due to violations.

Rockland County Executive Ed Day has questioned why Peltz chose not to document the problems.

“I think given the fact he betrayed the safety of children and firefighters, he should have been fired,” says Day.


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