Assembly candidate Schmitt blasts NY Dream Act


Colin J. Schmitt, candidate for the 99th NYS Assembly District, this week issued the following statement on the State Assembly passage of the “DREAM Act,” which provides taxpayer funded free college tuition for illegal aliens costing over $27 million for Hudson Valley families.

“Yesterday, the NYC-Controlled Assembly Democrats passed the “DREAM Act,” at a $27 Million price tag for Hudson Valley families, which would provide free taxpayer funded college tuition to illegal aliens. This legislation has now been voted on and supported twice during this current legislative term alone by Democratic Assemblymembers from the Hudson Valley.

“We have families struggling to afford a college education for their children. Many men and women in Orange and Rockland Counties, like myself, are saddled with student loan debt that will take years to pay off. Yet our Democratic Assemblymembers are dedicated to taking our tax dollars to give illegal aliens free college tuition. This is exactly why I am running for State Assembly.

“As your Assemblyman I will never support taxpayer funded free college for illegal aliens and will be the loudest voice to stop this insanity.”

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