To the Editor,

I have seen a lot in my time. I traveled the world during honorable wartime service with the Navy. I have raised a family. I have done all I can do to live the American dream and give back to my community. Taking care of your family, community and country is something that we need more of these days. An honest passion to make things better for those around you. That is what I see in Colin Schmitt.

I have known Colin for many years as a neighbor of mine in New Windsor and now as a fellow member of the Armed Forces and local veterans organizations.

Colin Schmitt is running for New York State Assembly. I have seen his work and dedication up close and personal. He breaks away from the standard glossy mailer and scripted talking point. He goes out and touches people where they are. Whether it is working a local parade route to meet as many people as possible or going door-to-door, Colin is in tuned with all of us because he is one of us and he listens.

I support Colin and urge all my fellow veterans and neighbors to do the same. Colin is running an honorable campaign, one focused our values and our community.

Thank you Colin.

Jim McGuiness
New Windsor
Note from Editor — Schmitt’s district includes the Town of Stony Point and several towns in Orange County

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