Well-sourced rumor: Lynch is out at Lynch, Feerick, MacCartney and Nugent

Lynch has had a colorful career! It appears his mercurial ways may have finally worn out his law partners
Lynch has had a colorful career! It appears his mercurial ways may have finally worn out his law partners

UPDATE: The firm denies RCT’s report.

Editor’s note – the newspaper had attempted contact with the firm five times over five days, without getting a partner on the phone.

Official statement of all four partners of the Nyack-based law firm:

“Dennis Lynch is not leaving the firm, nor has his role with the firm changed. The firm remains Feerick, Lynch MacCartney and Nugent, PLLC.”

To read the original RCT report, see below:

The reasons have not been made clear nor the information confirmed by the firm in question, but several sources in the legal community and several politicians who do business with the Feerick, Lynch, MacCartney and Nugent law firm have told the Rockland County Times the firm has agreed to part ways with attorney Dennis Lynch as of December 2016.

The news comes in the wake of a series of controversial decisions by Lynch to attack County Executive Ed Day and to represent a group of yeshivas that exists within the Town of Ramapo and Village of Spring Valley, two governments who are also clients of Lynch. This has brought accusations of a conflict of interest, as well as a question of whether Lynch has an irrational vendetta against Day.

At the same time, the news is a surprise because Lynch has been considered the leader and most prolific litigator of the law firm, headquartered on South Broadway in Nyack, not far from Lynch’s home.

If he does leave the firm, he won’t lack for work. In addition to being the assistant town attorney of the Town of Ramapo, the special counsel to the Village of Spring Valley and the South Nyack Village Court justice, Lynch maintains a healthy diet of private case work. His name pops up constantly in cases around the county.

Recently, the Town of Stony Point indicated they would keep Feerick, Lynch, MacCartney and Nugent as their special counsel in spite of Lynch’s jihad against the popular county executive who won the town by more than two to one. Supervisor Jim Monaghan explained that he does not often deal with Lynch and he is highly satisfied with the work of Mr. Nugent, who only recently was added to the firm as a full partner, and is a former Suffern cop as well as a Hillburn Village Court justice.

If Lynch exits the picture, the residents of Stony Point will surely be relieved that their town does not share a law firm with Christopher St. Lawrence and the rest of the Ramapo.


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