Supervisor Hoehmann, Town Board Create a “Do Not Knock” Registry in Clarkstown


At the June 21st Town Board meeting, Supervisor George Hoehmann and the Clarkstown Town Board approved a new local law creating a “Do Not Knock” Registry to prohibit solicitation to the homes of residents who register. The law also intends to preserve the peace, health, safety and welfare of the Town of Clarkstown.
Supervisor Hoehmann, who proposed this initiative, said, “Our residents have had enough of overly aggressive solicitors and we have taken bold action. This new local law strengthens our Town Code and provides residents with a tool to stop solicitors from knocking on their doors. Together we will preserve the character of our neighborhoods and the ‘Do Not Knock’ registry sends a clear message to solicitors in Clarkstown that this belligerent behavior will not be tolerated.”
Residents who wish to participate in the “Do Not Knock” registry can complete a form available in the Town Attorney’s office or on the Town’s website at Each resident on the registry will be provided a sticker to place on or near their door to alert solicitors that the address is on the “Do Not Knock” registry.

Any solicitor is already required by Town Code (chapter 208 Peddling, Hawking and Soliciting) to obtain a permit from the Town to solicit and will now be required to obtain the current Do Not Knock registry. Nothing in this section of the Town Code prohibits the distribution of leaflets, pamphlets or other literature, such as commercial, political or religious material, distributed in a lawful manner.

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