Nyack Rotary introduces new president, sets agenda


Josephine “Jo” Lore being sworn in as new President of Nyack Rotary by Jim Damiani, Governor for 2017;
Josephine “Jo” Lore being sworn in as new President of Nyack Rotary by Jim Damiani, Governor for 2017

Nyack Rotary met for the first time under the leadership of their new president Josephine “Jo” Lore on Tuesday in downtown Nyack. While the chapter intends to continue their five avenues of service in the community, vocational, club, community, international, and youth service, the big talk of the discussion was membership.

Nyack Rotary is looking to expand membership in the coming year. Lore recognized a crucial part of her term as president will be to generate new projects and to recruit new members that would surely bring their own community background and expertise.

Rotary Club of Nyack is already very active locally by organizing projects like the annual senior holiday luncheon, creating Valentine’s Day gift baskets for families in need, and volunteering frequently for organizations such as Meals on Wheels, Head Start, and Cover to Cover which is a literacy program that donates books to children.

Lore said the chapter aims to continue with those projects because the focus of Rotary is to provide service and opportunity to those in need in the community. However, in order to do that and eventually expand to new projects, they need more members and the support, experience, and insight into the community that they bring.

There was a discussion at the meeting about collaborating with Nyack Hospital or Nyack School District to expand and create more projects in addition to the large amounts of scholarships they already award to Nyack students.

Dr. James Montesano, previous superintendent of Paramus School District and current member of Nyack Rotary has some good experience with projects the Paramis Rotary club did with the schools there. As current superintendent of Nyack School District he is excited to begin a discussion of similar projects here. He said, “I’m really excited about this chapter in particular because of their huge focus on education. Rotary is about service to others, which is also what schools are all about; developing kids that are good people and good citizens.” He added that being part of Rotary as an educator is a great gift to be able to be connected with people in the community that want to help and that are so dedicated to education.

As part of Rotary International, the local club holds fundraisers that contribute to global projects such as the eradication of polio; thanks to their efforts since 1985 there are only three countries left in the world where polio exists. In an attempt to exhibit the very real impact Rotary has on an international level, Lore cited that Rotary International has achieved ceasefires in zones of conflict in order to bring in polio vaccines for children.

Lore described a good candidate for Rotary as someone who is, “passionate about local and international service.” Dr. Montesano added that while there is a social aspect to the club, Rotary is a very active organization. He said, “We are looking for people who want to be part of an organization that gives back to a community and to people who have less in this world.”

The best way to get involved is to reach out to the club, either by attending a meeting or event, contacting friends and community members in Rotary. Guests are welcome to visit the club’s meetings every Tuesday at 12:15 pm at La Fontana Restaurant in Nyack. For more information about the Nyack Rotary Club’s service projects and membership, please visit the website at www.nyackrotary.com.

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