From the State Education Department

Chuck-SzuberlaState Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia on Monday appointed Charles Szuberla as monitor for the East Ramapo Central School District. Szuberla, a well-known former Deputy Commissioner who served the Department for 29 years before his retirement in late 2015, will lead the Department’s continuing efforts to provide enhanced communication with the East Ramapo community through greater outreach to students, parents and stakeholders. He will be supported by Dr. John W. Sipple, a Cornell University professor who continues in his role as monitor, specializing in budgeting and fiscal matters.

Szuberla will report directly to Commissioner Elia and will be a regular presence in the East Ramapo School District. In addition to fulfilling the duties and responsibilities specifically set forth in the legislation enacted this June, Szuberla will, like his predecessor Dennis Walcott, have the authority to monitor district operations, including fiscal and operational management and educational programming and to provide guidance, recommendations and propose actions for improvement to the school district, as well as to the State Education Department, to ensure that students have access to appropriate programs and services and that the district is on a path to fiscal and programmatic stability.

Elia’s appointment of Szuberla also reflects the enactment of Chapter 89 of the Laws of 2016, which, among other things, continues the appointment of up to three monitors for the 2016-2017 school year and contains a specific focus on fiscal and budgetary planning and oversight.

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