Three things to expect moving into college

By Brandon Gubitosa

Moving away from home for the first time is always scary. There is no one to tell you when to eat, do your laundry, clean your room up or make sure your room is cleaned. Everything is on your own terms for once. Whether it is ordering dominoes at 3 A.M. or rushing last minute to complete an assignment that you had all semester to complete but waited until the last minute to complete it. They say college are the best four years of your life, and those four years start the first day you move in your home away from home. Here are three things you should expect when you move into college:

  1. Everyone moving in is in the same position you are. They are adjusting to a new lifestyle filled with responsibility, relationships, roommates and freedoms. Most people moving in are looking to make new friends and some are looking start over from High School. According to the University of Michigan website for parents, they describe it as they are no longer a big fish in a small pond, and no one here knows their former status in high school. College is the perfect time for personal re-branding for this exact reason. Adam Schneider a senior at Loyola University Maryland advises freshman to “Know yourself, then authenticate it.” Schneider also described college as a great time to find yourself since everyone is in the same boat as you are.
  2. Academic Challenges that face any and every major. Regardless of your major, everyone is going to face academic challenges. Tests, papers, group projects and homework are going to stress you out. You might be asking yourself at times; why did every professor assign a paper due this week? Stress is something everyone is going to experience while in college. Most college professors are not like high school teachers. “Going to all your classes isn’t mandatory as some professors don’t really care if you go or not,” said Brandon Garvey a junior at SUNY Albany. When Garvey first moved away he was not expecting professors to be like this, “It’s really on you to go to class and keep up to date with assignments.”
  3. Yes you will surprisingly miss home after being away at school. It is normal and happens to everyone. From the home cooked meals to your pets back home you just miss the feeling of being home. According to University of Lehigh student affairs website they recommend to keep in good contact with your family and friends from back home, but also give yourself time to get involved with friends at school. “Moving into college is definitely an adjustment” said Katie Garvey a freshman at Pennsylvania State University who recently moved into school. “You miss your bed, friends, family, and you’re surrounded by new people. However it is one of those things everyone should get to experience in their life,” said Garvey.



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