Plans for “Asgardia,” the First Space Nation, Revealed

asgarScientists have unveiled their plans for the first space nation called “Asgardia.” The application to live in the heavens has opened up, as the first 100,000 qualifying people will be accepted as citizens, although the completion date of the project is unknown.

Should it come to reality, Asgardia will be a floating nation in space that’s goal will be to protect earth from debris, asteroids, and coronal mass ejections from the sun, as well as offer a far-out lifestyle for those interested in “going where no man has gone before.”

Scientists claim that the nation of Asgardia will one day become a part of the United Nations and fly its own flag. Further work on the project will begin next year, planners said.

The name comes from Norse mythology’s city in the skies. It is not clear who is funding the project, although one the scientists on Asgardia’s steering committee – Igor Ashurbeyli — is said to be a major sponsor. Ashurbeyli is the founder of the Aerospace International Research Center (AIRC) in Russia.

Kremlin-controlled Russia Today featured an article about Asgardia prominently on the front page of their website Wednesday. The Asgardia project’s website can be found at

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