STAC Students Stumped by Presidential Candidates


SPARKILL, NY- The 2016 presidential election has St. Thomas Aquinas College [STAC] students flummoxed. This is the first president election most STAC undergraduate students are allowed to vote in and the consensus of those polled by the Rockland County Times is that Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton both leave much to be desired.

After speaking with several STAC students many even said they chose not to exercise their right to vote. “I didn’t even register,” said one female senior from North Babylon, NY, who like most students interviewed preferred to remain anonymous. “These candidates are not worth the time.”

Of the students who did vote, most were not confident with the selection they made. Senior Travis Volpe of Commack, NY and junior Christine Winter of Westbury, NY both said they voted for Trump because “he is the lesser of two evils.”

“Trump is not the right person to be running the country,” said one male junior from Ramapo. “I respect that he speaks what’s on his mind but he is too over-the-top and racist. Yes, Hillary is a liar, but so are most politicians.”

Two male sophomores, one from Whitestone, NY and the other from Nanuet were excited to see what Donald Trump will do if elected president.

“I think Trump is completely crazy but I believe his intentions are good and it would be interesting to have a non-corrupted politician running things,” said the student from Whitestone.

Two male freshmen, one from Spring Valley and the other from Maryland aren’t registered to vote, but they are completely opposed to Trump.

“Both are not great options but Trump is not qualified whatsoever,” the STAC student from Maryland said. “He will run this country into the ground.”

A female senior from Farmingdale, NY agrees that both candidates are not the best, but is on the Trump side. “I voted for Trump because of the people that will go into the government with him. Although neither candidate is the greatest, I think he is slightly better than Clinton.”

It’s sad that the young voters are not excited about casting their vote. Hopefully the next presidential election will have candidates that motivate the young voters to get out to the polls and voice their opinion.

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