WRCR sells bandwidth to Radio India; Rockland news to go exclusively on web

Program coordinator for WRCR Kerry Potter
Program coordinator for WRCR Kerry Potter

WRCR AM 1700 (www.WRCR.com) has made its most popular local programs, including “The Steve & Jordan Show,” exclusive to the Internet and mobile apps as of Tuesday, November 15.

Additional original, locally-produced programming, including “The Bigger Picture,” “Live Song Radio with Brian Muni,” “Who Wants to Be a Volunteer?” and others, currently heard on WRCR AM 1700, will be available exclusively as a web-stream from WRCR’s website and via mobile apps, also available through WRCR’s website. Local weather and up-to-the-minute traffic reports will still be available from WRCR, along with the ABC News Radio network, America’s largest commercial radio news network, offering national and international news from at the top of the hour.

Alexander Broadcasting, Inc., owner of the 1700 WRCR signal, decided that the best way to use WRCR’s AM broadcast facility, 1700 on the AM radio dial, is to air Indian-language programming from Radio India for the next 12 months.

“Just as newspapers, magazines, music and other forms of communication have been moving to digital delivery formats, we see the future of radio moving in that direction as well. While the golden age of analog, over-the-air radio had an exciting and memorable past, the future of regional talk and conversation is currently just as robust and as easily accessible via the Internet and mobile apps and will continue to get even better in the future,” said Dr. Alexander Medakovich, President of Alexander Broadcasting Inc. “We look forward to serving our current audience and future listeners with great local, general interest and niche-specific programming,” Dr. Medakovich added.

WRCR had been granted a 10,000 watt signal by the FCC recently. The dollar value of WRCR’s signal was boosted by the increase in wattage. The cash value of the 12-month lease of the signal to Radio India was not made public.

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