Clarkstown South on a far more ordinary day
Clarkstown South on a far more ordinary day

Clarkstown High School South was evacuated this morning following a bomb scare. A staff member had reported finding a possible explosive device on the school’s campus just before 11 a.m. Officers from Clarkstown PD and the Sheriff’s Bomb Squard were able to determine the device was not a bomb and the scare was ruled a false alarm.

In fact, the “device” turned out to be nothing more than a water bottle with dirt and sand in it. Police report that available K9 units remained present at the school to perform a cautionary sweep. The department said that at this point the scene has been secured and there is no need for concern.

“We will remain on scene to continue our investigation. Additional information will be forwarded as it becomes available,” Sgt. Joanne Fratianni said.

Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann issued a statement regarding the situation Wednesday afternoon: “I would like to thank the Clarkstown Police Department and the Clarkstown School District staff and administration for their professionalism in addressing the incident at Clarkstown South today.  While the device turned out to be non-explosive, the students and staff were in good hands.   Thank you to all the law enforcement personnel that responded including the Clarkstown Police Department, the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department, the New York State Police, and the MTA Police. I also want to thank Superintendent Cox and his team for their professionalism in responding to this incident. We can never be too cautious in safeguarding our children.”

If you have a tip on the case, send it to the Clarkstown PD tip hotline at 1-877-639-6233.

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