Winter Storms Are Sweeping Across the Northeast Region

snowWinter is officially here, and it made itself clear with a wave of snow that spread out across the Midwest and will continue throughout the Northeast this week. According to The Weather Channel, high pressure will move in once the snow has passed, bringing with it freezing temperatures for much of next week.

The National Weather Service put several winter storm warnings into effect on Monday. Many of these warnings were issued in areas surrounding the Great Lakes and much of the Northeast.

“If you don’t have to drive or go somewhere, stay home,” National Weather Service meteorologist Mark Steinwedel said.

The amount of snow and the frigid conditions have been causing travel issues, as well. Chicago alone experienced over 1,200 flight cancellations as a result of the weather. As of Monday, there were approximately 3,000 delays and 600 cancellations across the country.

Chicago experienced nearly eight inches of snow, while Detroit had around 10 inches. Some places in Minnesota saw upwards of a foot. Even New York City saw its first measurable accumulation of snow over the weekend.

The wintry conditions made for precarious travel conditions on Monday morning as people commuted to work. The Northeast, especially, saw difficulty navigating through the heavy snow.

A large part of the country will see below freezing temperatures later this week as arctic air moves down from Canada. Homeowners should definitely consider the health of their furnaces, as upgrading a furnace in one’s home can increase efficiency by 50-90%.

Though homeowners may be concerned with heating costs, the winter weather has brought many winter sports enthusiasts out of the house. After several inches of snow settled in the Twin Cities over the weekend, the snowy fun began.

From skis to sleds, people in Minnesota were delighted to see such a snowfall. Steven Nelson of Minneapolis is particularly fond of cross-country skiing. He explained that he thought he knew what winter was, but moving to Minneapolis quickly changed his mind. Luckily for Nelson, winter in Minneapolis sticks around for a while.

The frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall just may mean the start of a great ski season.

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