1The owners of the property of the former Fiesta Cancun restaurant on Rt. 9W in Stony Point have torn the century-old building down after years of it sitting unoccupied. Stony Point Supervisor Jim Monaghan said the town had no control over the property owner’s decision. 

The owner told the town he is talking to different potential buyers including someone who’d like to build a private learning center for students. Three years ago Quick Check gas station had expressed interest in the location, which enjoys a memorable view of the Hudson River, but the community was cold to that idea. Quick Check promptly renounced their interest in the wake of community backlash. 

Monaghan said the town board remains opposed to a gas station or any business of that ilk setting up shop in the location. 

In its heyday, Fiesta Cancun was the unquestioned champion of the Rockland County Mexican food scene. Seemingly always busy, the restaurant likewise never made its guests wait long to order and be served. 

Unfortunately, about halfway through last decade Fiesta Cancun’s 25-year run of good times and prosperity hit a wall. The bar continually received summonses from the local PD for rowdiness in the bar area and eventually they lost their liquor license. Former manager Manny Tello felt like some forces in the town wanted him out of the location because of complaints from seniors in the housing development next door. 

Things got worse when the IRS sought over $200,000 in back taxes from the restaurant. Soon Fiesta Cancun was no more, briefly attempting a relaunch in Nanuet, but to no avail. 

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