Orangetown Should Consider Senior Citizen Center

To the Editor,

In light of the proposed plans by the Orangetown Town Council to replace the existing Town Hall and its recent Request for Proposals concerning Architectural and Space Planning Services, the Town Council should consider incorporating viable space for an Orangetown senior citizen center. Throughout my thirteen years of living in Orangetown, I have observed several attempts to build a senior citizen center. The existing senior citizen clubs meet at various locations throughout Orangetown.

Our senior citizen population is increasing. As of 2015, the number of sixty-five years and older Orangetown residents is estimated to have increased to 9,173 which represents 18.3 percent of the population, up from 17.2 percent of the Orangetown population in 2010.

Town council discussions have included building a new town hall office complex adjacent to the existing building and either demolishing the old structure and building an addition to the new town hall or rehabilitating the old town hall building. These ideas would create additional space for town use, including dedicated space for a senior citizen center. As long-time and loyal taxpayers, our senior citizens deserve an opportunity to have a dedicated recreation center for their usage and enjoyment


Tom DePrisco

Pearl River

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