Grace in action
Grace Vanderwaal at the Pearl River Hilton last Friday     Photo by Aaron Moeller


Grace Vanderwaal and family have proven they have no intention to forsake their hometown fans.

Since winning America’s Got Talent and releasing her debut album, Grace has continued to make local appearances, most recently at the County Executive Ball at the Pearl River Hilton. She sang the national anthem and met with fans while her dad looked on.

Grace said she would not think of turning down her local fans, “It would be awkward. I see them at the supermarket.”

Her dad told the Rockland County Times, “This area is the most important to Grace,” because it is where she has grown up and where her family and friendship connections are.

Grace said social and family life within Rockland County  has been important to her development as an artist. “The people I know [from the area] have definitely inspired me,” she said.

Not every celebrity has such a warm attitude. Kudos to Grace and her family for keeping her journey close to the heart.

Grace has several appearances upcoming. Follow her at

As for Day, his party filled the main ballroom at the Hilton. Day and acolytes focused on the county’s improved finances as well as the shift away from Ramapo dominance in county politics. Day is up for reelection this year.

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