Money may be honey, but best things in life are free


Money may be honey, but the best things in life don’t cost a nickel. Just ask financial advisor Ken Mahoney, president of Mahoney Asset Management, based in Chestnut Ridge.

Although Mahoney lives in Westchester, he crossed the Tappan Zee to start his career. “Rockland offered opportunity to expand—it had one radio show, one cable station and one daily newspaper.” He’s been with Rockland Radio since 1990 and now has listeners every Sunday morning on WHUD.

Mahoney has built his success as an investment advisor and as a Broadway producer and investor. He’s written eight books, but his latest is more about the quality of life than the quantity of money when you are ready to retire.

“Life on Your Terms” came out in January, 2017. While the focus is on preparing for retirement financially, it is centered on quality of life issues as well. “You can go to a nice restaurant, have a $180 meal and come away with a bad taste in your mouth. I took my sons out for a hike with a few sandwiches we made at home, and we had a great time,” said Mahoney. “You have to set priorities.”

Thoughts about the new 45th President, Donald Trump? “The Stock Market was a good indication that investors felt confident things would improve here for business,” said Mahoney. “There are some concerns about trade or tariff wars with the new president, but companies are coming back to the U.S. People are feeling more confident earnings will rise. The market and economy are both strengthening. I think Trump won because Americans overall have had enough. Sometimes, we need to shake things up.”

Mahoney’s keeping an eye on Washington now that it’s under the leadership of the GOP. “There are some things that definitely need changing. Dodd Frank has some good points, but it has also made doing business with one hand tied behind our back. That’s what happens when there is overregulation. I’m hoping to see some changes in that regard, as well as to the Affordable Care Act. That also has some good parts to it, but others are just not working. Hopefully, we’ll see good changes coming. I’m optimistic.”

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