RCC Innovation Center, Approved as Start-Up NY Site, to Open at IRG Pearl River Property

PRESS RELEASE– The former Pfizer industrial complex in Pearl River purchased by IRG more than a year ago is about to emerge as a high tech business hub, with Rockland Community College leading the revitalization project. The RCC Innovation Center at Pearl River will offer resources to businesses at every stage of development.

Prioritizing job development and economic revitalization, the Innovation Center includes:

o   168,000 sq. ft. START-UP NY campus

o   7,500 sq. ft. Technology Incubator

o   Super 3D Printing SMARTT lab

o   Business Innovation Mall [Group Information Desk]

“The RCC Innovation Center’s goal is to foster the further development and commercialization of innovative technologies across many industries, including pharmaceuticals, bio-technologies, environmental and alternative energy sources, and more,” said Dr. Kristopher Baker, Executive Director of the RCC Innovation Center and Associate Professor of Biology at RCC.

Partners in the Innovation Center include RCC, Stony Brook University, Columbia University, the Small Business Development Center and the SUNY Research Foundation.

START-UP NY provides tax-free zones associated with public colleges and universities, with the goal of stimulating job growth.

The Technology Incubator, which also offers Start-Up NY eligible space, will help innovative companies transform ideas into competitive businesses by providing mentorship, shared resources not otherwise attainable, knowledge and access to advanced business networks.

The Center will provide early-stage companies with the tools, training, infrastructure and intellectual resources to assist them to get started, grow and develop into financially viable businesses, capable of moving forward in normalized commercial space.

The 3D Printing SMARTT Lab is an expansion of the services offered at the RCC Haverstraw Center. The SMARTT Lab at Pearl River, with $400,000 worth of advanced equipment, will function as a proof-of-concept/manufacturer’s “sand box” where clients can work on site or virtually. It will offer access to highly advanced 3D printing and scanning systems, software emulation and molecular modeling, all designed to supply the tools for success.

Applicants interested in being considered for Rockland Community College Innovation Center tenancy should contact Dr. Kristopher Baker, Executive Director, Innovation Center, at kbaker@sunyrockland.edu or 845-574-413.   

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